The POWER of Good Manners!

"Kenny Ahern is a wonderful performer and really engaged our students Kindergarten through grade 6 in his performance. His program may well be the best I’ve personally seen. It would be nice if all lyceums were as educational, fun and entertaining as this was."

— Colfax Elementary School, Colfax, WI

Kenny has performed for thousands of school children worldwide!


The POWER of Good Manners! is a 45-minute K-5 character education presentation, that heralds the importance of good manners in school and life! Character virtues are not just words—they are a call to action!

“I’m all about creating an honest message and a fun, relevant presentation.”

This program was developed through consultation with educational professionals.

Main points covered: Respect for All; The Importance of Asking for Help; Pleases & Thank Yous are Important; and Kindness matters

The presentation content is compatible with the PBIS model and can incorporate school-specific character education content.

This presentation is often used as an outreach program in cooperation with an evening theater performance of To Laugh is to Live!