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The POWER of Good Manners!

"Kenny Ahern is a wonderful performer and really engaged our students Kindergarten through grade 6 in his performance. His program may well be the best I’ve personally seen. It would be nice if all lyceums were as educational, fun and entertaining as this was."

— Colfax Elementary School, Colfax, WI

Kenny has performed for thousands of school children worldwide!


The POWER of Good Manners! is a 45-minute K-5 character education presentation, that heralds the importance of good manners in school and life! Character virtues are not just words—they are a call to action!

“I’m all about creating an honest message and a fun, relevant presentation.”

This forty-five minute program was developed through consultation with educational professionals.

Main points covered: Respect for All; The Importance of Asking for Help; Pleases & Thank Yous are Important; and Kindness matters

The presentation content is compatible with the PBIS model and can incorporate school-specific character education content.

Also available,  is a message-free, Family Stage Show that is full of fun and laughs for students and staff. 

This presentation is often used as an outreach program in cooperation with an evening theater performance of To Laugh is to Live!

K-5 School Presentation with Kenny Ahern
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